Upcoming Arts & Sciences Classes

Thank you to everyone who donated Arts & Sciences for taxes at March Crown. Once again the Barony’s amazing and diverse skills were highlighted as we helped make things a little easier for Their Majesties.

For (most of) April, Lady Fuska will be teaching several embroidery techniques as well as ways to incorporate them to make simple garb look fancy.  Contact her for materials info, or just bring a couple bucks to throw down and use her stuff.

On April 14th, however, A&S will be canceled  (or relocated if we find another location). Sorry everyone.

The subject of study for the month of May is still up for grabs. Suggestions? Ideas? Requests? Volunteers? Contact the Baroness Elsa or Baroness Megan: AandS (at) allyshia (dot) westkingdom (dot) org, or just talk to us at Project Night on Mondays.
In June, if there’s interest, we thought we’d take advantage of the long sunny evenings to make painted Silk Banners. Baroness Megan will be buying materials in bulk to keep down costs so please let her know in advance if you’ll be participating so she knows how much stuff to order. Please also be willing to contribute a little $ to offset materials cost. Because we have limited evening sunlight and because the process requires dry-time between some stages, those interested will need to attend several Mondays in a row, as we’ll be building frames, transferring patterns, applying resist, applying paint, and setting the paint over several evenings.
If you haven’t done so yet this might be a good time to develop, finalize, or register your heraldry (you know, before you spend spend a few hours painting it). Please contact the herald if you have questions about doing so: herald (at) allyshia (dot) westkingdom (dot) org
Baroness Megan
Allyshian Chatelaine