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The Barony of Allyshia Codex 2019

Attached is the updated official Codex revision that has been approved and to be read into court at Lupercalia. The Barony of Allyshia Codex 2019

Many of the names for mud, and the Creation of the Order of the Turbid Waters‏

By Baroness Elsa Von Aurich, as originally published in The Scrybe December, 2013. In Anno Societatis XLV, There was a March Crown Tournament held that was unlike any other. March Crown is the time for all fine and Loyal Allyshians to venture to the south and present our Sovereign King with Taxes from our bounteous …

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The Barony of Allyshia Codex – 2013

Attached is the updated Codex revision that has been approved by Kingdom. Barony of Allyshia Codex – 2013

A Beginner’s Manual of Armor Construction – AS XVIII (1983)

This is provided as a historical document. Though many of the techniques used within are still valid, West Kingdom armor standards have changed greatly since AS XVIII (1983). Many of the armor patterns contained within this manual do not meet current West Kingdom Armored Combat Rules. The Western Armored Combat Manual has current armor standards …

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Early Allyshian History by James Ornate

“This is a document that I found while cleaning out Master Senkyu’s house after his passing. I don’t know the age of the document, it’s at least 10 years old most likely much older, it was written by a James Ornate. I do not know who he is, I assume that he is no longer …

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The Barony of Allyshia Codex – 2007

The customs and traditions of the Barony of Allyshia – Revised A.S. , C.E. 2007 Seelie Brianna Sutherland, Seneschal, Barony of Allyshia The customs and traditions here written were first established during the era of Their Excellencies, Senkyu and Mary of Dumfries, the first Baron Palatine and the first Baroness Palatine of Allyshia. They were …

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