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Rams Horn Pack Idling Tablet Weaving Pattern

Background: I created this pattern for Kolskegg Shieldbreakers Knighting coat. The pattern given here is for just the central motif, not the entire band as seen on his coat. This pattern is based on a band found in St. John’s Cricket Field, Cambridge. This band was described by Grace Crowfoot as being made from a …

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Pottage Recipe

There are many ways to make a pottage. Generally people threw what they had on hand in a pot and boiled it up. Here is my version, as served at the 2012 Yule Feast, then scaled down for family use. Ingredients: 8oz    carrots 1        turnip, diced 1        parsnip, diced 1        leek, white part only …

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Antler Tablet Weaving Pattern

(Updated 10/21/2013 to clarify threading method used.) I drafted this pattern for Baron Reinold Haldane to thank him for several woodworking projects he completed for me.  The pattern was inspired by his heraldry, which features golden stag horns.  Baron Reinold has graciously allowed me to share his pattern.  Thank you again, Bob! Examples of brocaded …

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