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The Strand Volume 2 Number 1

The latest issue of the Barony Newsletter the Strand is now available, go to the newsletter section to read it for yourself.

The Strand Volume 3

The latest Newsletter is now available, go to the Newsletter tab to read it for yourself.

The Strand

The new newsletter is now available, see the newsletter tab read it yourself.

Chronicle Resources

Attached is a copy of the current rubric used for judging the Chronicle (Arts Competition) for the Baronial Coronet Tournament. If changes or updates are made to this document they will be posted here.    4 point Chronicle Rubric

Map Resources

Below are links to the websites providing information to create Maps (Sciences Competition) for the Baronial Coronet Tournament.    A list of the groups and locations in to study for The Kingdom of the West map can be found here:   A list of of Kingdoms and links to more specific locations for the Known World …

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The Barony of Allyshia Codex 2019

Attached is the updated official Codex revision that has been approved and to be read into court at Lupercalia. The Barony of Allyshia Codex 2019

Class List for N. Marches Arts & Sciences

Here is a list of classes that will be held at Northern Marches Arts and Sciences. Descriptions and schedule to follow. 16th Century Hair Taping Basics An Introductionto Early Medieval Literature Autocrat 101,201 Band Weaving Salon Bardic 101 Basic Celtic Decoration Bayeuxtify Your Projects Bead Stringing Workshop Beginning Illumination, or Anyone with a Ruler Can …

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Teachers wanted for N. Marches Arts & Sciences

Teacher submission forms now accepted until July 8th. Get them in please! If you are interested in teaching a class or giving a demonstration at the Northern Marches Arts & Sciences event on August 5th-7th, please fill out the Teacher Submission Form 2016 by June 30, 2016  July 8th, 2016 and send to Signy Jolinnardottir (the email …

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Important Yule Feast Update

It has come to our attention that the elevator at the site The Yule Feast at the Masonic Lodge on December 12th is currently out of order and will not be available for the event. Unfortunately this means that the stairs will be the only access to the event space. We apologize for and inconvenience …

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Reimbursement Request Form

To request reimbursement from the Barony of Allyshia complete this PDF and give it to the Barony Exchequer.