Fighter Practice Cancelled and other News

  • Heavy Fighter Practice for tonight is Cancelled. See you all next week.
  • The next Meeting will be held on October 16th at 7:00PM at the Blue Lake Casino Hotel.
  • The Harvest feast in Wuduholt be Secg will be on October 19th in Crescent City. The menu includes bear sausage, farmers cheese, pickled herring, stewed capon, roast venison, roast vegetables, salat, and boiled cream. Gluten free options available. Please RSVP!
  • We have been invited to the Rapier Championship Tournament in Glyn Dwfn, An Tir on October 26th (Medford, OR). Come rescue our stolen sheep.
  • The Scribal Roadshow is on November 2nd, with possible Heavy Fighter Practice November 3rd.
  • The Demo at the Masonic Hall will be on November 9th in Eureka.
  • Ravenshore Yule in Fort Brag on December 7th. Their Majesties plan to attend this event.
  • The Allyshian Yule Feast is scheduled for December 14th 2013. Donovan has volunteered as autocrat and Baroness Elsa volunteered as feastocrat.

For more information and details visit the Calendar.