Words from the Arts & Sciences Minister

Howdy Folks! It’s a few weeks til March Crown (March 22nd-24th), and that means Baronial Taxes are due! Have anything you’d like to donate? I am working on a few miles of cording, and can procure a basket for presentation.

Interested in doing some kind of taxes workshop next Monday? We can do that too.

I understand that the Shire of Wuduholdt Be Secg may be bringing their own as well.

I will be available at all A&S meetings until March Crown.

Elsa Von Aurich, A&S minister.

PS from the Webminister – The A&S meeting on Monday, March 11th will be held at Elsa Von Aurich’s house, just a few blocks away from the usual location. There is no metal shop at Elsa’s house; please bring indoor projects only.

For more information or for directions email Elsa Von Aurich: aands (at) allyshia (dot) westkingdom (dot) org