Words from the Arts & Sciences Minister

Thanks to all of you who came to the Business meeting last night!

Purgatorio planning is going swimmingly.  Of course, Volunteers are needed!

Site Prep: If you have some time to help Wednesday, Thursday or Friday before site opens, let me know.  We’ll be making sure the site is ready to go, removing horse leavings, setting up a map & staking out an Eric and much more, I’m sure.

Parking personnel: Crew head is Donovan Reid.  Volunteers needed on Friday (for making sure peeps don’t park in the road.) One person required Saturday morningish to politely, but firmly, tell people to move their cars to the parking area, and one to make sure they don’t park in the road.

Bog Roll Patrol (and Whovian Decorating Committee):  Crew head is Christine (whose SCA name I don’t yet know!)   Volunteers must have a sense of humor, or at least be willing to put up with, silliness with glow sticks & TP rolls, poo jokes, and Doctor Who references.  People needed early on Friday and late Saturday afternoon.

Lastly, and certainly not least, Flying Spaghetti Feed Monsters!  Sarah Herriott aka Frieda Fesenmeyer, has graciously agreed to run a spaghetti feed to raise funds for the Barony!  For $5.00, you get a plate (bowl?) of spaghetti and some garlic bread.  The idea is to keep this going until midnight so weary travelers can give us money, and get fed.  If you can boil water, you might be the volunteer for this! If you have a ridiculous cooking apron, you are definitely the volunteer for this! *gluten free and vegetarian options planned!*

Want to volunteer?  Please email me at aands@allyshia.westkingdom.org!

This has been your first Purgatorio recruitment announcement.

Elsa V.A.