Seeking Traditions and Tales

Baron Roberd d’Audrieu had the wonderful idea that we should collect the rich traditions and history of the Barony of Allyshia and post them on the Barony website for all to enjoy. To that end we are asking the members of the populace to write the stories of the foggy north before they are lost to time.

  • Kiddie pool court is becoming quite popular, but how did it begin?
  • The West Kingdom now has a Shepard, but this tradition was started in Allyshia. Were you there when Graham the Shifty sold out the Baronial Flock to da Vikings?
  • Who are the members of The Order of the Turbid Waters, and just how many words are there for mud?
  • Did you witness the Raizing of the Summits?
  • Are you a member of the order of the Trinity?
  • Do you remember the Allyshian Castle?
  • Can anyone recall 3am chair art?
  • Have you seen Whump in action?
  • Do you know the history of the Gloria banner or the War Eagle?
  • Can someone recount the very first Fool’s Crusade?
  • Do you know the origins of Bold Maynard?
  • Have you been blinded by the Great White Wall?
  • Do you remember feasting in the Great Hall?
  • Any tales to share from Nine Day?
  • Do you know the history of the Thimble, the Eight Ball, or Frankenhelm?
  • Have you seen Freight Train in action?
  • Do you remember the first Partier Extraordinaire and how did they inspire the creation of such an award?
  • Did you survive Sheep’s Wade or March Drown?

This list was generated in a matter of minutes, but there are many many more stories out there. We need your help record these tales that they may be enjoyed by all. Write what you remember, collaborate with your peers, and we’ll piece together the History and Traditions of the Northern Marches. We welcome the same story from multiple points of view (I’m looking at you, Vikings.) Partial stories are also welcome. If you give us the middle of a story perhaps it will inspire another to write the beginning or end.

Questions and submissions can be sent to the Webminister: webminister (at) allyshia (dot) westkingdom (dot) org