Queen’s Prize Tournament at West/AnTir War

[important]Below is the announcement for the Queens’ Prize Tournament. Several people in the Northern Marches have expressed interest in sponsoring an artisan. If you would like assistance finding a sponsor for the Queens’ Prize Tournament or if you are interested in being a sponsor please contact Baroness Elsa, the Allyshian Arts & Sciences Minister: aands (at) allyshia (dot) westkingdom (dot) org[/important]

Queens’ Prize Tourney

To be held at An Tir/ West War

As the forest is ever renewed by the sapling, so too are our lands enriched by those newly come to the practice of Art and Science. To that end, Her Majesty Étaín du Pommier, Queen of the West and Her Majesty, Caiome ingen Domnaille, Queen of An Tir, Patronesses of the Arts, call upon all artisans of humble station to seek a patron and to present themselves to vie for Their favor at The Queens’ Prize Tournament. Further, They charge all those who hold a Grant or Patent in their art and the members of the Lady of the Rose to seek out and prepare such budding artisans, that they might come without fear to this noble display and company to show the fruits of their study.

Queen’s Prize Tournament is a celebration of beginning artisans in the An Tir and the West. While Thier Majesties will choose an entry upon which to bestow Her Prize, the purpose of QPT is to share the joy of one’s art with others. Entries will not be scored; comments will be available for those who wish feedback.

Anyone holding a rank lower than a Grant in the Arts or Sciences may enter. Each entrant must be sponsored by either an individual who holds a Grant or higher in the Arts or a Lady of the Rose.

Clarification from Her Majesty Étaín du Pommier: Individuals holding a Rose Leaf or Western Lily may enter with a sponsor (Golden Poppy, Jambe de Lion, Laurel, or Lady of the Rose.) OR they may sponsor an entrant who holds no kingdom A&S awards.

Please refer to the Rules and Regulations listed below and the Pre-Registration Information.

Pre-Register by Filling out the form at the following link: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LPZD53B

All entrants must pre-register on or before June 21st, 2013. Research Papers need to be electronically submitted to the Tournament Coordinator no later than June 15, 2013.

The Tournament Coordinator is HL Nidda Ridarelli and can be reached at: dannidda (at) gmail (dot) com

Artisan’s Duties

  • Must be sponsored by a Lady of the Rose, Master or Mistress of the Laurel, Jambe de Lion, Rose Leaf, Western Lily, Golden Poppy or any holder of any Kingdom level Arts and Sciences award.
  • One page or less documentation with a bibliography is required.
  • Entrant does NOT need to be present to enter
  • Entrant is REQUIRED to enjoy the learning and creative process.
  • As this is not a competition, entries will NOT be judged.

Sponsor’s Duties

  • Aid the entrant in getting their project completed and assisting with documentation.
  • Ensure that the entry is set up at the site if the entrant cannot attend.
  • Bring a nice gift (“prize”) for an entrant. One gift per number of person(s) you sponsor, you will be gifting to someone you have not sponsored.
  • Be available at some point throughout the day to admire the entries and provide feedback to the artisans.
  • As this is not a competition, entrants will NOT be judged. Commentary sheets will be available to share thoughts and idea but assigned commentary will not be provided.