Words From Their Excellencies – After March Crown

Onto the Populace of the Barony of Allyshia,
March Crown was a wonderful event and one we will not soon forget.  From the people we camped with, the gorgeous weather, the amazing Crown Tournament, the bountiful taxes given to their Majesties, and of course hearing those four magical words, “Yeah sure ya betcha” and knowing we were being supported by all of you.
We would like to thank our predecessors, Their Excellencies, Conall and Megan for their reign with the Barony this past year. Their wisdom and leadership will not soon be forgotten.
We are looking forward to the upcoming year and getting to know all of you better.  We know the Barony is strong because of your hard work, time, commitment, and hospitality. With that said, we want all of you to feel that you can approach us to express concerns, or give us award recommendations, or just to chat.  If you don’t want to do this at an event, please feel free to contact us via the official Baronial Website at www.allyshia.westkingdom.org, private message us on Facebook or call us.
Additionally, we invite everyone to attend the next local event, Heron’s Pool, on April 19-21, 2013. There will be a Dandelion Lord/Lady and Lotus Lord/Lady champion chosen as well as a prize tourney, pick up fighting, games, and more.  We will also be graced with the presence of their Majesties and possibly their Royal Highnesses. So please come down and camp with us.  Invite someone who hasn’t played in awhile or someone new.  Let us show their Majesties that the well-known generosity of Allyshia surpasses their expectations!
Baron Erik and Baroness Signy