West/AnTir War Meal Plan Invitation

(This meal plan is now closed)
Hello everyone!
I would like to invite you to Kalista’s meal plan for West/AnTir War. She is currently unsure about Thursday dinner, but should know by the end of this week.
The cost is $20 for Friday and Saturday, ( Sunday is free.) If she is available Thursday then total cost would be $30. In addition, each person should volunteer to either clean up after one meal or help cook one meal. This is an outrageous deal and very good food!
Meal plan:
Thursday (Russian)
Breakfast: home/road
Late Lunch: sourdough roll sandwiches
Dinner: Beef Stroganoff, hot salad, Borscht & bread, hot tea, cookies
Friday (Mediterranean)
Breakfast: french toast, scones, eggs, bacon, oatmeal, coffee, tea, hot cocoa
Lunch: hummus & flat bread, tabuli, cold chicken, fruit, pickles, olives, lemon water
Dinner: make your own kabobs, rice, corn on the cob, Greek salad, grape juice, baklava and fruit compote
Saturday (German)
Breakfast: breakfast burritos, muffins, oatmeal, coffee, tea, hot cocoa
Lunch: dark bread, meats, cheeses, fruit, pickles, olives, lemon water
Dinner: cherry soup or mango soup, stuffed mushrooms, chicken in Badacsonyi wine, noodles & cabbage, apple strudel and chocolates, beers
Breakfast: left overs
Lunch: left overs (no, seriously eat the food)
Dinner: on the road
Doesn’t that sound delicious?
If you are interested, please email me by June 30th: baroness (at) allyshia (dot) westkingdom (dot) org
Baroness Signy