War Practice – June 28th in Arcata

OYEZ! By order of the Baron of Allyshia!
All are invited to Northern Marches War Practice! Sound off if you can attend – on Facebook, or by email: chatelaine (at) allyshia (dot) westkingdom (dot) org
June 28th, Pumpstation #1 Noon!
7547 West End Rd.
Arcata, California
Brief itinerary: 
1. 11:30-12:00 Discussion led by me.
A. Terminology (movement, formations &c)
B. Deportment (preferred weapons, head count, &c)
C. Tactics (kill them, kill them all, stick with your buddies, hold this, don’t die, &c)
C. Command structure.
2. 12:00 Armor up.
3. 12:30 Line & formation drills. (advance to contact &c)
4. 1:00 Skirmish.
5. 2:00 Pike & polearm drills.
6. 2:30 More skirmish
7. 3:30-ish BBQ & swimming
Let’s make a day out of this. A big BBQ is available on site as well as swimming in the waters of the Mighty Mad river. The goal is for it to be really fun. Please show up, even if you can’t fight. This is a fighter practice, NOT an event. No need to come in garb.

Dux bellator.