Silk Painting Workshop on March 14th

From Baroness Megan:
Silk Painting Workshop March 14!
Everyone had so much fun painting silk banners last summer that we’re going to do it again!
Weather permitting, we will start at 11:30am, at Conall & Megan’s house on Saturday, March 14. Please do not arrive before 11 to accommodate the girls’ nap schedule.
Please bring a line drawing of the design you would like to paint, full sized, to trace onto the silk. I suggest going over it in sharpie to make it bold and easy to see through the fabric. A $5-$10 donation for materials would be appreciated but please don’t let $ stop you from joining us!
We will be working in the backyard so rain cancels. In the event of foul weather we will reschedule to the following weekend.
Email Baroness Megan for additional information or directions: chatelaineĀ (at) allyshia (dot) westkingdom (dot) org