Pictures of the Angry Mob

The West/AnTir War 2012 Gallery now includes pictures of the infamous Angry Mob!  Come see their Excellencies restrain the vigorous, vocal, torch-and-pitchfork bearing mob while successfully managing a delicate negotiation.  Witness the swath burned through AnTir encampment as the Angry Mob sought it’s target.  Watch as the Summits camp is razed to the ground three times!  Look on as their Excellencies manage to secure the return of our banners, create a cultural exchange of the game Three Man, and set up a future meeting at Warlord Ascension XX to discuss their continuing… er… friendship.  Taiko Drum soundtrack sadly not included.  (The Angry Mob would like to apologize again to any camps that were torched merely for being in the way.  Terribly sorry.  It turns out that angry mobs are quite difficult to aim properly.)