October 24th 2012

Baronial Business Meeting Minutes

October 24th 2012

Baron Business

  • Baron Conall approves of Nichole being appointed the Rapier Marshall for Allyshia & will contact kingdom with his approval.

Marshall’s Business

  • There will be a Heavy Fighter Practice Saturdays at the Field House at HSU in Arcata beginning 11/03/2012. Practice will begin at 12 noon and run until 2:00PM.
  • Starting on 10/28/2012 Robert & Nichole will be Rapier Practice on Sundays from 10:00 AM to 12 noon. See the Barony Website for additional details.

Exchequer Business

Seneschal Business

  • Yule Feast for 2013 has been approved for 12/14/2013 – if you would like to autocrat this event please contact the Seneschal.

Constable Business

Arts & Sciences Business

  • Mask making workshops for Yule Feast and Masquerade Ball begin on 11/05/2012 at A&S. Please bring your mask making supplies.

Web Minister

  • The website needs your help, please go to www.allyshia.westkingdom.org. Fill out the forms and submit your content, photos, projects, etc.
  • You can sign up for E-Mail updates from the website. They are minimal, two per week or less if we can help it, and pertain only to updates about cancellations of weekly practices or meetings, upcoming events, or important Barony Business. Please sign up and stay informed.


  • We are still attempting to put together a Scrybe (Baronial Newsletter. Please send your content for submissions to Chronicler (at) Allyshia (dot) Westkingdom (dot) org

Upcoming Events

  • Yule will be December 8th at the Masonic Lodge in Eureka from 12noon to 10:00PM. There will be a served feast and Masquerade Ball. Drogo will be the autocrat.Lupercallia has been rescheduled for January 19th 2013 and Seelie will be the autocrat. Kingdom has approved this date. The event will be held at the Humboldt Grange Hall in Eureka.
  • Herons Pool will be April 19th to April 21st 2013. This will be a camping event and Klothar will be the autocrat.

New Business

  • The next Meeting will be on November 14th 2012.