May 18th 2012

Baronial Business Meeting Minutes
May 18th 2012


Barons Business
Baroness Business
Marshall’s Business

Fighter Practice is still happening at Blue Lake Casino Palace on Tuesday nights. Please check for updates week to week for updated times or cancellations.

Exchequer Business

We are currently solvent and made a profit at Lupercallia. We have recouped the money we contributed to the Society lawsuit settlement.

Seneschal Business

We have submitted our quarterly report to the Kingdom. There are open officer positions available, if you are interested in volunteering please contact Donovan.

Arts & Sciences Business

Monday nights are still A&S project night at Abe & Megans. We are looking into warranting a new A&S minister, details to follow upon approval.

Upcoming Events

War of the Trees will be taking place in Southern An Tir on June 8th-10th.

The Knights Errant will be in town on August 11th for fighting, teaching and a BBQ. We will be having this practice at the Pump Station in Arcata.

We are looking into having a Pas d’Armes in August, the preferred date for this is currently the 18th. Further out events in planning are a Masked Ball in October and Yule Feast in December.

Lupercallia is planned for February 2nd 2013 and Seelie has volunteered to autocrat.

New Business

Thora has volunteered as Web Minister, and soon there will be an Allyshian Website.

Reinold is the current Allyshian Herald and will be available for consultations for name and device submissions.

The next Meeting will be on June 13th 2012.