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Thank you from Wuduholt be Secg

The Shire of Wuduholt be Secg would like to thank all who donated and bid in the silent auction at our Harvest Feast. The generosity of the Northern Marches of the West and the Summits of AnTir is great indeed! We really appreciate your support.

Meet & Greet Demo Sat. Oct. 25th

We invite one and all to come to meet new friends in the Barony of Allyshia and begin to learn about the Society for Creative Anachronism! Some of the offerings include woodworking, black smithing, crafting a medieval personal, basic courtly etiquette, costuming, spinning and weaving, medieval cookery, heavy combat, rapier and many others. After the …

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Harvest Feast – Crescent City, CA

Harvest Feast – Crescent City, CA   Date/Time Date(s) – 10/18/2014 12:00 am – 11:00 pm Location Lake Earl Grange Hall, 6820 Lake Earl Drive Fort Dick, CA 95538. The Shire of Wuduholt Be Secg has had a great harvest this year and we invite one and all to attend our Harvest Feast. Come revel with …

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New Arts & Sciences Minister

Greetings Populace, I would like to announce our new A&S minister, Kenric O’Faolin! A& S classes will resume the first Monday in October at Wayland and Liesl’s house in Eureka- and there will be brewing! Please contact Kenric for more details/ directions: colin(dot)casper(at)gmail(dot)com Elsa Von Aurich, former A & S minister of Allyshia.

New Gold Key and Excalibur Faire Info Booth

Gold Key: Thank you to Baroness Megan and Baroness Brigida for allowing me to be the Barony’s new Gold Key.  I’d like to start collecting garb for new comers so if anyone has old garb that they are willing to donate to the Barony, please let me know.  Also, if you have garb that you …

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Silent Auction at Harvest Feast on Oct. 18th

Lords and Ladies, The Shire will be having a silent auction at the Harvest Feast (October 18).  It will be held through the whole evening.  Time of auction closure will be announced at the event. Bring you coin and have fun!!!! We look forward to seeing all of you.  ( ps. We are accepting donations …

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Purgatorio Site Prep this Friday

Thank you to everyone who showed up last Saturday to help clean and prepare the Purgatorio site. There will be another site prep work party this Friday, August 22nd, starting at 9am to finish cleaning the site, mark out roads and parking, and set up gate and Baronial pavilions. Please bring shovels and/or wheelbarrows if …

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Cancellations and Changes

There is no Arts and Sciences Meeting on Monday, July 28. Both the Eureka meeting and the pottery class are cancelled. The free pottery class resume in September at the Fortuna location. In leiu of the regular A&S meeting, Kalista is hosting a Barony Gather in Eureka. Please bring a dish to share, and something …

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Purgatorio is Coming

Allyshia is hosting Purgatorio again this year August 22th – 24th. Baroness Elsa, the Autocrat, needs volunteers! There will be a work party to prepare the site on Sunday, August 17th beginning at Noon at the Purgatorio site next to Mad River Hospital. Volunteers will be needed on Friday, August 22nd at noon to help …

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A&S Pottery Class Fortuna, Possible Sewing Clinic

Please do not go to the regular Eureka A&S location tonight, as Megan isn’t feeling well. Tonight’s A&S will be a free pottery class in Fortuna. The pottery class will continue on Mondays through the end of July. The pottery studio will be closed in August, but then the class will resume in September. Contact …

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