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Landgrab for West/AnTir – How big is your tent?

Hello all, I volunteered to do land-grab for this years’ West/An Tir War! Please send me the dimensions of your tents (with allowance for ropey bits)! Once I have them all, we can figure out where we will all be camping. I can be reached at wrickarts (at) gmail (dot) com and I’m usually up …

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War Practice – June 28th in Arcata

OYEZ! By order of the Baron of Allyshia! All are invited to Northern Marches War Practice! Sound off if you can attend – on Facebook, or by email: chatelaine (at) allyshia (dot) westkingdom (dot) org June 28th, Pumpstation #1 Noon! 7547 West End Rd. Arcata, California Brief itinerary:  1. 11:30-12:00 Discussion led by me. A. …

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Pottery Class in July – Fortuna

We have A&S classes scheduled for July! This is a great opportunity to visit the studios of Reannag Teine– everyone’s favorite pottery dealer. Beginning July 14th, and each Monday evening in July after, visit their studios in Fortuna and learn ceramics basics.  These classes are free! This will be a two part class series, the …

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Silk Banner Painting Class in June

Wanna look even flashier and awesome at West-An Tir War than you already do? Come make a banner at Monday Arts and Science meetings in June! Over the next few weeks we will be painting silk banners.  We will be doing this in stages, since we have a limited amount of daylight on weekday evenings. …

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War Practice – Can you come?

Warriors of Allyshia! We need practice! War practice! Looking at the calendar, I can’t see any good weekends for war practice until the end of the month. Please sound off if you can attend a practice at the Pump Station #1 in Arcata on the weekend of the 28th-29th. Let me know if you prefer …

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Meeting Cancellations, and other news

There will be no Arts & Sciences Meeting tonight (4/28/14) due to illness. Also, the Arts & Sciences Meeting on May 5th is cancelled due to Beltane Rapier practice will be cancelled 5/1, 5/11, 5/18, and 6/1/2014 due to conflicting events, etc. Heron’s Pool is on May 31st at the Mad River Grange in Blue …

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Heron’s Pool will be in Blue Lake on May 31st

May 31st 2014 Heron’s Pool – Barony of Allyshia (Blue Lake, CA) Come and compete for the honor of being named a champion of the Baroness of Allyshia. Competitions will be held for Heavy Fighting, Rapier, and there will be an open A&S competition and display with the theme of anything 1000 c.e to antiquity. …

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Upcoming Arts & Sciences Classes

Thank you to everyone who donated Arts & Sciences for taxes at March Crown. Once again the Barony’s amazing and diverse skills were highlighted as we helped make things a little easier for Their Majesties. For (most of) April, Lady Fuska will be teaching several embroidery techniques as well as ways to incorporate them to make simple garb …

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Heavy Fighter practice tonight is cancelled

Tonight (March 18th, 2014) there will be no heavy fighter practice. Practice will resume next week.

Heavy Fighter Practice tonight is cancelled

Tonight (March 4th, 2014) there will be no heavy fighter practice. Practice will resume next week.